Oral translations in real time.

Interpreters are hired for notarisations, presentations, negotiations or also in court and many other situations.

Often, an interpreter’s service is required on short notice – in these cases too, we offer instant and reliable solutions.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting means that our interpreters translate the communication of one attributed speaker very closely and in a highly concentrated manner into any optional language. In doing so, the interpreter reproduces the meaning of what was said in the native language of the conversational partner during previously agreed speaking breaks.

Certified interpreting

Regardless of which kind of interpreting, we also offer to assign certified or sworn interpreters on request. Interpreters of this kind are needed, for example in court or also at a variety of public authorities.

Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)

Whispered interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpreting and also known as “chuchotage.” Normally, no technical aids are used for this – because the interpretation is for at most two people. For whispered interpreting, the interpreter sits between or behind the listeners and translates what is spoken very quietly and discretely. We have suitable experts on our roster for this type of interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is a slightly delayed translation taking place still while the person continues speaking and therefore while listening to the further content of the conversation at the same time. This type of interpreting requires maximum concentration. Simultaneous interpreting is used, for example, at congresses where interpreter booths are provided along with high-end microphone technology with suitable headsets. Our simultaneous interpreters have the best of training and are ready to work even on short notice.

International network

Auch für mündliche Sprachdienstleistungen haben wir ein weltweites Netzwerk an professionellen Dolmetschern im Sortiment. Auf Wunsch stehen Ihnen unsere Dolmetscher in zahlreichen Ländern vor Ort mit all ihrer Kompetenz und Erfahrung zur Verfügung. Unsere Dolmetscher verfügen aufgrund zahlreicher Einsätze über sehr viel Erfahrung und bereiten sich gewissenhaft und detailliert auf alle neuen Aufträge vor. Das ist natürlich insbesondere beim Gerichtsdolmetschen sehr wichtig: denn vor allem hier kommt es auf Erfahrung und Belastbarkeit an.

We have a worldwide network of professional interpreters on our roster also for oral language services. On request, our interpreters will be available to you on site in numerous countries with all their competence and experience. Based on their many previously completed assignments, our interpreters have lots of experience and they prepare for all new assignments conscientiously and in-depth. This is of course very important for in-court interpreting: because it primarily requires experience and resilience.


Our service range covers not only consecutive and simultaneous but also certified or sworn interpreting and whispered interpreting. Furthermore, we are also happy to make the required technical equipment available, including everything from headsets (headphones/radio receivers) to even complex conferencing technology (interpreter booths, etc.)

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